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A platform to connect stay at home talent with career opportunities, grow the economy, bolster corporate incentives and employee retention.

Our Passion, Our Purpose, Our Story

Reena Gupta, CEO of Avankia LLC, listed as one of America’s fastest growing companies with Inc. 5000, has a vision for integrating more moms into the work-force, improving their lifestyle, and building our economy. She’s developed a team and a platform, which will mentor, train and place moms with jobs, while offering skilled talent to corporations, as well as an opportunity for learning institutions. There’s a transformation that takes place with motherhood and there’s a need for more support in that area. We want to help. 

Our passionate team of moms, see so much talent sitting at home that could be helping companies increase efficiency and productivity. Doing away with the “Super Mom” mentality, Reena wants to help moms re-enter the work-force with grace and simplicity. She sees a need for moms to come together and help each other. Our mentors will be moms, like Reena, who have mastered the art of working, while raising a family. 

We know what it takes to launch a career as a mom and we want to help others through the process. Reena has built her companies from the ground up, while raising her two children and knows a powerful contribution can come to our society as a whole, from streamlining that transition.